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The Online Travel Agents (or OTA’s as we know them) tell you that you are getting the best deal when you book with them! You are not.

Let us explain:

The OTA’s charge us a commission for bookings made via their website. This is usually 15% but can be upto 19%, which is why our online rates on an Online Travel agent is always more expensive.

They also make it hard for us to provide the best service to our guests as well. When a booking comes to us via an OTA we usually have incomplete information about our guests and sometimes have no contact details for them either. Sometimes when people make special requests the information does not get passed on to us.

They claim this is because of data protection, but in truth it is because they do not want us letting the guest know they’d have saved money booking directly with us!

We know that some larger chain hotels charge the same regardless of how you book them, they choose to absorb, or harmonise their rates to the higher OTA price and don’t let you save anything!

Also we do not offer any of our special offers via the OTA’s as we like to pass on the best price to you directly.

We offer the best rates when you book direct with us.

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