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People often ask questions about our therapies, here are a few and our response.

I would like a massage, but I do not have a beach body.
How you look (or think you look) has nothing to do with what we do! We have massaged many people, people have many different figures, regardless of what you think, we want you to be comfortable and leave us feeling deeply relaxed.

Will I have to be naked for massage.
In one word, NO! However, we know that some people feel uncomfortable about wearing just their underwear when having massage.

We have specially designed boob tubes for ladies, they are a velcro fixed breast wrap, which is worn during an Indiam Head Massage or for Swedish Massage so you can rest assured that your privacy needs are met.

Finally, if you want to go naked, that is not a problem either.

Do I need to bring anything with me?
There is no need to bring anything with you for any of our therapies.

Can I have a massage straight after work?
We sometimes have later appointments, but please shower or bathe before coming for massage.

I have a nut allergy is this going to be a problem?
We have a vast selection of oils for massage, including plenty that are nut free. (Vitamin E and Sunflower for example).

Can Reiki make me better?
We cannot guarantee that any therapy can make you better, you may feel uplifted and peaceful.