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We teach all three degrees (levels) of Usui Reiki and Meditation.

We do not offer correspondence courses as Reiki needs an in person attunement.

Our Reiki training is broken down into three degrees:

Shoden – The First Degree
The first degree is all about self-healing, before we can begin to give healing to others, we need to develop our healing ability by giving Reiki to ourselves.  Self-healing is the key to how you will be able to help others.

Okuden – The Second Degree
The second degree develops your Reiki and prepares you to be able to offer Reiki as a therapy to others, professionally or just for your friends.

You will be taught the sacred Reiki Symbols and how to use them and about professional conduct with your Reiki.

Shinpiden – Reiki Master
the final step on your Reiki journey, it introduces you to using Reiki as a day to day spiritual practise using the power of the master symbol.

You will learn many things, including:
History of Reiki, Reiki Lineage, Reiki Principles, The Power of Thought, Affirmation, Meditation, Relaxation, Prayer & Gratitude, Chakras, Colour, Covering & Grounding, Visualisation Techniques, Breathing Techniques, Forgiveness, Anatomy, Attunement, Origins of the sacred Reiki Symbols, How to use your Symbols, Distant Healing, The Aura, Professional Reiki Environment, Record Keeping and much more….                     (List details elements from all three degrees)

You will also be given a series of attunements that allow you to connect with the Reiki energy and have plenty of time for hands on practise too!

In addition to teaching the three degrees of Reiki we offer the following courses:

Refresher Courses
If it has been a while since you did your Reiki course you might consider a half day or one day refresher course to get you back into your Reiki.

Auric Reiki
this course has been designed for second degree or master students that want to develop their Reiki and to work more
closely with the aura.

Psychic Surgery
for Reiki Masters is a course that focuses on how to clear energy blockages from the etheric body and the aura.

is a technique for calming the mind and bringing the body and the aura into balance.